Harmony in 21 Lessons

by Cheryl Macomber
Glenda Macomber

Pastor Clinton Macomber
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Lesson 6—The Dominant Chord

In this lesson we will study the dominant chord. This chord is built on number five of a scale. In the key of C, the pitch names of the dominant chord are G, B, and D.

This is a major chord just as the tonic chord, because it is made up of a major third and perfect fifth. (To review these, see Lesson 2).

This chord also has 3 positions just as the tonic has.

The 1st position uses G in the soprano; 2nd position uses B in the soprano; and 3rd position uses D in the soprano.

Name the following positions:

Harmonize the following exercise using the dominant chord.


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1st, 2nd, 3rd Positions