Harmony in 21 Lessons

by Cheryl Macomber
Glenda Macomber

Pastor Clinton Macomber
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Lesson 5—Review

Harmony is a chord so arranged as to produce a pleasing effect.

Harmony should produce a _______ effect.

The tonic chord is the combination of the root, third and fifth notes of a scale.

The tonic chord contains the ______, _______, and ______ notes of the _______.

This chord can be arranged in three positions. Draw a line to the correct title for each position.

1st Position


2nd Position


3rd Position


Find the tonic chord from the following scale in the key of F.

Name the positions of the tonic chord in the key of F.

______ Position

______ Position

______ Position

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Harmony should produce a pleasing effect

The tonic chord contains the root, third, and fifth notes of the scale.

1st Position, 2nd Position, 3rd Position